First Astropussy shows are scheduled

   Friday 02.09.2022 @AK47/Düsseldorf
Monday 31.10.2022 @Rattenloch/Schwerte


Ladies and gentlemen, hunters and hunted, zombies and monsters, .....
Astropussy just released their new album “Tales from the basement” today on bandcamp !
Have a blast


Astropussy team up with Walter Hennecken (Walheimer Big Band) to record a full lenght album early March 2022. We`re very exited to record in a studio mostly knows for big band recordings. That could be extremely exciting !
Walter is a lifelong full-blooded musician, teacher and producer, and we hope he doesn't get tinnitus during our stay in the studio ??
We look forward to working together ..
stay tuned, stay save


Here it is … International Horrors Volume 1 … many good Songs …. Spread ! ... click the cover ;-)


We feel very honored to be able to announce only 1 week after landing on planet earth that we are allowed to contribute a song to an international horropunk compilation (with bands like "GRAVE CORPS", "PLAN 9", and many others) ! We are very excited ! Vö, 01.01.2022 via CARNIAL NERVE RECORDS (USA)
p.s. It helped to talk the devil, -)


Ladies and Gentlemen, Hunter and hunted, Zombies and Monsters, 11/16/2021 8:06 PM Last night ASTROPUSSY has arrived on planet earth! In Leichlingen/Langenfeld the power was even gone for a short time during the arrival ... hahaha.
Now listen to our classic Punk Rock Shock music, buy our demo @Bandcamp, and get Astropussy Merch @Spreadshirt …. We will see you live one day …. sing along if you want, have fun and spread the word!